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Our crepes are delicious and made of ingredients that suit any diet.
standard crepe base.jpg


Delicious base crepes, with standard flour, ready to be eaten just like that, or with any sweet or savoury filling.

gluten free crepes.jpg

Gluten Free

My gluten free crepes recipe creates lovely and light, thin pancakes that are ready to be rolled, filled or topped with whatever you like. 

vegan crepes.jpg


Vegan crepes are dairy and egg free.

Sweet Crepes

blueberry strawberry crepes.jpg

Berry Bliss Crepes

cottage cheese and crepes .jpg

Fresh Cottage Cheese Crepes

lemon and sugar crepes.jpg

Lemon & Sugar Crepes

Delicious sweet crepes, freshly baked, filled with Nutella or jam and garnished with sweet strawberries & blueberries

Nothing beats this delicious fresh cottage cheese and fresh baked crepes! 

This one is an all time favorite! Simply squeezed fresh lemon and sprinkled with some raw sugar

banana nutella crepe.jpg

Banana & Nutella Crepes

What can be more satisfying than this simple banana & Nutella crepe?

almond & sugar crepe.png

Almond Filled Crepes

A delicious dessert with almond meal, raw sugar and icing sugar dusting


Oreo Crepes

A decadent crepe filled with crumbed Oreo, condensed milk and decorated with mini Oreos

walnuts crepes_edited.jpg

Crepes With Walnuts

Crushed Walnuts sprinkled with raw sugar or maple syrup

cinnamon crepes.jpg

Cinnamon Crepes

coconut crepes.jpg

Coconut Crepes

A delicious dessert with cinnamon, raw sugar or maple syrup and icing sugar dusting

Yummy crepes with desiccated coconuts and row sugar or maple syrup 

Savoury Crepes

feta and spinach crepes.jpg

Feta & Spinach Crepes

ham cheese olives_edited.jpg

Ham, Cheese & Olives

mushroom crepes.jpg

Mushrooms, Feta & Roast Capsicums Crepes

Delicious savoury crepes, freshly baked and filled with sautéed spinach, crumbled feta and garnished with fresh feta leaves 

Enjoy these savoury crepes, filled with grated cheese, ham and olives

This is an ultimate breakfast! Home roast capsicums with garlic, sautéed mushrooms with oregano and feta cheese are the best!

ham and pineaple.jpg

Ham, Cheese & Pineapple

Enjoy these savoury crepes, filled with grated cheese, ham and pineapples

Grazing tables for weddings & parties

grazing table 1.jpg
grazing table 2.jpg
grazing table 3.jpg

We hope you'll enjoy our palačinke as much as we do


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